Top 14 Christmas Party Ideas

T’was the night after the party, when all through the office. Not a creature was stirring, not even old Doris.

The year speeding by and December is creeping closer on the calendar, and that means one bright, shining thing: it’s time to start planning your office Christmas party.

Check out our top 14 ideas for your office Christmas party in Brisbane.

Office Christmas Party Venue

Office Christmas Party Idea 1: Rooftop Soiree

Looking to give the silly season a serious lift? How about raising the roof on your office Christmas party with a summer themed soiree? So grab your most outrageous floral shirt and prepare for a proper Queensland celebration complete with summery cocktails, and seafood canapes high above the rooftops. Bonus points if you can get your boss to do the limbo.

Office Christmas Function Venue

Office Christmas Party Idea 2: Private Dining

Can’t bear the thought of another party pie? Do mini quiches make you break out in a cold sweat? You should probably consider seeing a therapist – or you could ditch the boring Christmas party festivity and book yourself in for a feast-ivity instead! Just hire one of our unique private dining rooms and celebrate the silly season over a decadent three course meal.

Christmas Function Venue Brisbane

Office Christmas Party Idea 3: After work drinks

This year’s Christmas party budget tighter than a duck’s-you-know-what? We understand that there aren’t always the funds to make all of your Christmases come at once but at least you can still celebrate with some style. Just reserve your favourite table by the bar, top up the tab and our friendly team will take care of the rest! Who said the spirit of Christmas had to come in shiny boxes?

Christmas Function Venue Brisbane

Office Christmas Party Idea 4: Gallery Showcase

With the calendar dwindling down, there’s never been a better time to reflect on the year that was than with a showcase of all the hard work you’ve put into it. Whether you’re an artist, a musician or an architect with a stunning portfolio, celebrate your success by throwing an exclusive Christmas party for clients and friends featuring your very best ideas. Talk about mixing business with pleasure.

Office Xmas Party Brisbane

Office Xmas Party Idea 5: Trivia

Planning a mid-week bash? Celebrate Xmas at a bar for a session of Trivia. Eat, drink, be merry, and be even merrier when your team scores the winning prize. We suggest grabbing the connoisseurs in the office who like to step up their sandwich game with brioche buns or (heaven forbid) a quinoa salad.

Office Xmas party ideas Brisbane

Office Xmas Party Idea 6: Tiki Cocktail Party

OK, so the Christmas savings you were hoping for didn’t exactly pan out (Santa, you’re bleeding us dry), but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a tropical getaway! Take your holiday to an exotic Island with a Tiki themed cocktail party. Whip out the long-forgotten Hawaiian shirt and hit the cocktail jugs and canapés before your Christmas gift to the rest of the office – a stint on the dance floor.

office Xmas party ideas

Office Xmas Party Idea 7: Christmas sweater contest 

We’ll make this one quick, ‘cause there’s no way we’re leaving sweaters on for long in December. But tradition is tradition, and ugly sweaters sit in the ‘practically mandatory’ category of Christmas garb. Buy a winner, pick out grandma’s gift sweater from 4 years ago, or (if you really want to one-up the competition) knit your own. Award prizes for best and worst design on the day and watch your coworkers become close-knit friends.

Office Xmas Lunch ideas

Office Xmas Party Idea 8: Long luncheon

It’s the age-old Christmas tradition – drink your fill by 3, be in bed by 7. Cut the work day short with a long luncheon. There’s a veritable stocking full of spaces and menus for your long luncheon function (try saying that three times quickly). Rest assured – whether you pick platters, canapes, or a la carte menus, Christmas miracle cocktail jugs are ready to fuel the office banter.

Office Christmas Party Ideas

Office Xmas Party Idea 9: Disposable cameras 

 Yes, there will be photo evidence, so yes, you will need to behave yourself under the mistletoe. Set everyone up with a disposable camera for the night and develop them all the week after, once the cumulative hangover drops off. It makes for a fun bonding activity and means you’ll have plenty of buddy pics to pin to the staff room corkboard. Watch the photos get blurrier as the timestamps get later.

Office Xmas Party Idea 10: Escape room Challenge

Escape Room Challenges are all the rage right now. This is a fantastic team building opportunity plus it’s a lot of fun which makes it the perfect office party activity. There are a few escape hunt challenges around Brisbane to choose from so you might want to ask the team what looks like the most fun to them. After you’ve completed your challenge don’t forget to reward the team with some food and cocktails at a nice venue nearby.

Office Xmas Party Idea 11: Pub Crawl Scavenger Hunt

Can’t decide on a venue? Why not visit them all. Make a list of places you want to visit and hand out a map to everyone in the office. To make things more interesting you can make the day into a scavenger hunt. At each location, there will be a task to complete and staff will have to complete the task before receiving their first drink. It’s a good idea to stop at one of the venues on the way to sit down for a feed. You don’t want everyone pub crawling on an empty stomach.

Office Xmas Party Idea 12: Two truths and a lie

This game is usually played as a way for people to get to know it each other, the Christmas version is really just for a laugh. Every person tells the group three of the worst presents they have ever received, the rest have to guess which of the three things is a lie. This is a good way to kick off the Christmas party, as it will help everyone to loosen up and put them in good spirits for the event.

Office Xmas Party Idea 13: White Elephant

Secret Santa is so last Christmas. White Elephant is a fun way to exchange gifts with your office pals and have a laugh. Everyone brings a wrapped gift to contribute to the gift table. Each player then chooses a gift from the table one by one but also has the opportunity to steal a gift from someone else.

Office Xmas Party Idea 14. Penguin Waddle Game

Ok so the Christmas connection with this one might be a bit of a stretch but this game is a hoot so bare with us. The party will be split into teams to complete a relay race. The catch is players must race with a balloon between their legs, (hence the name penguin waddle). This game is great fun and will have the whole office in hysterics faster than you can say ‘What do penguins have to do with Christmas?’

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