New Year’s Eve Party Ideas

Top 5 New Year’s Eve party ideas

Take our word for it – unless you’re planning the best New Year’s Eve party your friends have ever seen, they’re going to ditch you for a happening new year event somewhere else.

With every bar in town dishing up exotic new years party themes like ‘Havana Nights’ and ‘Tropical Oasis’, your New Year’s Eve party ideas like ‘byo beer’ and ‘who’s bringing the cheese and crackers?’ just aren’t going to compete.

If you want to start the year as the most popular host in town, you’ll need to start planning your New Year’s Eve ideas now. Lucky for you, darling, we got the top 5 New Year’s Party themes that should definitely be on your NYE resolution list.

New Year's Eve Idea 1

New Year’s Eve Party Idea #1: Disco Inferno

This year is going down in the history books in a great ball of fire, so why not embrace it with a Disco Inferno New Year’s Eve party? Channel Travolta (circa 1977), and put together a hit list of all the classics (Stayin’ Alive should be on there at least 5 times). On the table, bring out the big guns like pineapple chicken, cobb loaf, cheese fondue – you know, the dishes that look like they belong in your nan’s old Women’s Weekly. White flares are optional.

New Year's Eve Party Ideas

New Year’s Eve Party Idea #2: Yacht Party

All aboard for the new year’s party idea of the year! You don’t even have to be near the water… we’re sure blue streamers will work just well. Tell everyone to don their best captain’s hat and boating shoes, set out sparkling wine, bellinis and pina coladas and plan a menu of seafood themed canapés – this party is setting sail for the new year.

New Year's Eve Event Ideas

New Year’s Eve Party Idea #3: Rio Carnival

If your check list of things to do on New Year’s Eve involves dance with a handsome stranger, drink a few crazy cocktails and start the new year in sequined lycra – a Rio Carnival party is for you. Tell your friends to bring the handsome strangers and all you have to take care of is the spiced rum cocktails, empanadas and chorizo skewers.

New Year's Eve Ideas

New Year’s Eve Party Idea #4: Masquerade

For those who want to start the new year in their glamorous best, brush off your ball gown and throw a masquerade party! If nothing else, you’ll at least have the chance to put on a mask and get a little wild with no one knowing it’s you – or at least that’s what you’ll think after you’ve downed a few old fashioned cocktails and one too many glasses of champagne and started making out with your ex.


New Year’s Eve Party Idea #5: The Last Lunch

Ideas for New Year’s Eve don’t have to be all about drinking your way into January – for a more relaxed goodbye to the year, why not host a long table lunch? Convince someone to cook or just order in plates of arancini, pizza, pasta and tiramisu, and let the Prosecco, Aperol Spritz and Negronis lull you into a false sense of optimism.

Whichever New year’s Eve party theme you go with, the answer to what to do New Year’s Eve is never to go to bed before midnight!

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